Current Addiction & Whereabouts

My addiction … Nestle CRUNCH chocolates!
I cannot get enough of it.
Almost every week hubby and I share a whole block (200g) of it.
Even when sick I still eat though I can’t taste it. I imagine the taste.
nestle crunch

And speaking of sick, I have been sick for the past 5 days hence the absence from my blog.
It is the flu season here down under. Almost every person you encounter has suffered from the flu in one or another in the past month or so leading up to the official start of winter – yesterday.
flu cartoon (courtesy:

I have been stuck at home, in bed, for the past 4 days with the curtains closed doing nothing but watching movies, being in & out of sleep and drinking litres of water as well as Panadol Cold & Flu and Ginger tea w/lemon & honey. With these concoctions combined, I was sweating like it was a really hot summer’s day! My fever went up & down like a seesaw.
(On a side note … the ginger tea was a killer! Taste wise it was not my cup of tea but I put up with it because it helped my throat & well being from since I drank the first cup so I persisted with it. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has the flu!)
Even though I ate normally, it was mostly just for the purpose of eating as I could hardly taste anything. Even with my CRUNCH addiction, I could hardly taste the chocolate so instead I just imagined the taste.

Ok so now that I’ve told you about my eventful week, would you like to tell me about how your week turned out? Let me know in the comment below – I’m sure yours must have been more eventful and hopefully flu-less than mine.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great morning, afternoon or night wherever you are in this round world of ours 🙂



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