The art of letting go…

The art of letting go…
This is not just a song, it is an action. An action you do before you can start something new.
It can mean a lot of things – a break up, moving on with life, a goodbye to an inanimate object that you have lost or have deemed not necessary in your life anymore.
It can even mean letting go of a feeling you don’t want to feel anymore – sadness, hate, regret – any feeling at all, even happiness if you so incline to not want to be happy.

The art of letting go – it is easy to say but VERY hard to do.

I have been a victim of this many times. In fact I have been a victim since I started feeling & thinking, ever since I was a kid.
It is specially hard to do if you are a very emotional person and a thinker…and I am a thinker – sometimes I tend to even over think things (which gets me in trouble sometimes)!

So if an emotional person thinks too much and over analyses things – what do you get? A cryer!
Instead of punching someone or something, my outlet for letting things go is to have a good cry about it. I am not ashamed to cry in front of others though I usually cry when I am all alone.
Crying is my way of saving myself all the heartache and headaches about “that thing” that I am currently over-analysing, over-thinking and over-emotionalising (is this even a word?) about!
I cry when I’m angry. I cry when I’m sad. I even cry when I’m happy!
My tears is my measurement of when I know I have finally let go of something or someone. When those tear ducts have gone dry, I know it is time to move on.
Don’t get me wrong, there are certain subjects that creep back in but then I just cry it out again and I’ll be fine. Some subjects are just a vicious circle. But then again, who doesn’t have recurring topics that get them down over & over again throughout their whole life. You just gotta learn to “let go” until the next episode 🙂

It is a very powerful thing this group of feelings called emotions. It is what sets you apart from everyone else and everyone copes with it differently. How do you? Please leave me a comment below describing how you “let go” of feelings/things/someone that may eat you up inside if you let it.

Lastly, I will let you with the song that started this entry:

Thank you for letting me share this entry with you. I wish everyone happiness.
Have a great morning, noon or night wherever you are in this round planet 🙂


6 thoughts on “The art of letting go…

  1. I am going through this right now. 5 days ago my husband asked for a separation….It really IS one of the hardest things, to let go, particularly if that change doesnt feel right.

    • Oh I’m sorry to hear that.
      One of the hardest things to let go are people.
      But if you try to hold on they may be near you physically but emotionally & mentally they are as far away as possible.
      Good luck & if you need someone to be your sounding board (to listen) silently, I’ll be here 🙂

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