Poker me to Vegas!

Last Saturday night, hubby and I went to a fundraiser. It was to raise money so that the Urban Force juniors dance crew could compete in a dance competition all the way to Vegas!
Yeah baby! Vegas! Lucky lil people!

Of course it was only appropriate that the Urban Force family have a poker night tournament to raise funds for the kids. It is only befitting that they start off their Vegas adventure with their very own poker tournament Down Under!
There are to be three rounds with each round’s winner gaining a seat at the Australian Poker League tournament. The buy-in is $50 and re-buys are $30 with all the proceeds going to the kids. And let me tell you, there were no shortage of people more than willing to donate!

Whilst hubby and I didn’t play on the tables – simply because we’re always the first ones to lose at card games – we had a blast keeping secrets! It was so hard not to show your emotions as you saw each person’s cards.
Eating! It was all I could to contain myself from jumping up, shouting NO! don’t chase him he’s got a pair of ACEs! or yeah! keep betting more! your card is a winner!
The snacks and sweets that “Hot Dog” and co cooked/prepared were enough to keep me quiet. There were hotdogs, cupcakes and brownies! As I’m a sweet tooth person, the cupcakes and brownies were my downfall. Although they did keep me quiet 🙂 Hhhmmm food!

And to commemorate the night, here’s some shots:



If you want to see more photos, click here > Tanana Style

If you want to join the tournament, there are still two rounds left – June 2 and June 16. Please visit the Urban Force FB page (click here) and let them know you’re interested in joining.

Thanks for stopping and have a great morning, afternoon or night wherever you are in this round ball we call Earth 🙂



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