Fotoholics Outdoor Portrait Day

Saturday 19th May,
Woke up to the sound of rain gently hitting my bedroom window with a hint of a smile on my face before realising that it would be wet outside. That then made the smile leave as quickly as it came.
Rain meant that the Fotoholics Outdoor Portrait Day could have been cancelled – if it didn’t stop raining. Luckily, the heavens were kind to us and it stopped raining around midday (or 11am but close enough). That meant that the event was still on! Yey!
(Rain, rain go away … come again another day … lil Ana wants to play).

Fotoholics hosts this event on a yearly basis giving photographers (amateur or otherwise) a chance to practice their portraiture skills by giving them the tools they need – models and a location.
I’ve attended this event twice – last year and this year – and I love it. It gives me the opportunity to hone in on my beginner’s skills (I’ve been a beginner for like 2 years now). 🙂

Here’s this year’s attempts:



I hope you like what you see.
If you want to see more,  please do go to my FB page – Tanana Style
If you want to see the Fotoholics album specifically –
Fotoholics Outdoor Portrait Day (Ha Loung) and
Fotoholics Outdoor Portrait Day (Adelina Goh)

Also, I would be happy to hear any feedback in regards to the photos. I want to learn so please don’t hesitate to give me some advice.

Thank you for stopping by and for your support.
Have a great morning, afternoon or night 🙂



Let me know what you think :)

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