Pad Gratiam anyone?

The hubby and I went out to eat last night to a Thai restaurant.
Since I got to pick the restaurant, I decided to try one where we have never been before.
The restaurant I chose had pretty good reviews on the net which made me want to try it out even more.
So I booked a table for two at 6.30pm

The restaurant’s name is Paradise Road.

So we got there at 6.20pm (I like to be early plus we came straight from work).
We opened the door, walked a few steps inside the restaurant then we were greeted with big smiles from the waitresses and was seated pretty much straight away.
Ok so customer service first – the waitresses were always helpful, courteous and friendly. I like that in a restaurant’s service. It makes me want to think of coming back already.
Then there was the restaurant’s decor and ambience. The decor was great and so was the ambience. Soft lighting with traditional Thai statues (buddhas) & murals? or maybe just large prints on the wall. There was music – a bit loud & I don’t think it was Thai related but you will hardly notice it especially if ย you & your dinner companion/s are talking away.
Restaurant ambience One of the many great decorations Menu doubles as placemat! I didnt use mine tho :) Ready for dinner. So hungry!
So then came the food. We ordered:
Entree – Fish Cakes (this one’s got a bit of bite)
Main – Pad Gratiam and Whole Barramundi with thai chilli sauce (no it’s not that chilli thought it is noticeable)
Fishcakes for entree And let the eating begin! Whole barramundi! Food glorious food!

That bowl of rice you see in the picture – it’s a one person serving! At first I thought it was going to be too much for me but in the end, only a little bit (1 – 3 spoonfuls?) was left, which hubby kindly finished for me.

And to wash it all down … (green tea & jazzy)
Green tea for my tummy

Overall the experience was great and I did not regret picking this restaurant. I would definitely go back there again (isn’t it obvious by the pic down below?) and would absolutely recommend this to others.
And if you’re interested, here’s my numerical ratings:

Customer Service – 8.5 (they forgot 1 bowl of rice & we had to ask for it)
Decor & Ambience – 8
Tastefulness – 8.5

Aftermath: bony barramundi now!

Thank you for your support and have a great day, afternoon or night (it’s bound to be one of these somewhere around the world) ๐Ÿ™‚



Let me know what you think :)

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