And the other competitors are …

Ok so now that I have covered the profiles of the winners of both categories – Raw Sounds 2012 & Raw on the Dancefloor – it is time to introduce the rest of the competitors.
Like I said when I started these posts, I think the judges would have had the hardest time in narrowing down the winners to only three in each category & divisions but like any other competition it has to be done.

Even though the following profiles did not win a place, it does not mean that they do not have talent. I think all of the competitors are very talented. If it wasn’t for the normality of having only three winners, they would have all won. Hey if it counts, they all won in my heart.

These talents made me envious – their voices were like angels and their dances are like hip-hoppin & krumpin funky swans. If I attempted what they did, I can guarantee that by the end of the song there would be no-one in the audience or they’d be deaf. And that’s just the singing part. As for the dancing, in short I’d say string puppets can dance a whole lot better than I can. Two left feet won’t even describe the way I dance if that’s what you’d call my attempt of it.

Anyway enough about me and my un-coordinated, out-of-sync singin and dancin. Let’s move on to the talented ones.

First up … A2D Juniors!

These kids are the cutest! And starting at their young age, I can already tell you that these are the dance’s future champions. They gotz skillz!

And now, for their question and answer portion:

1. What is your crew/group name? Why this name? When was it formed?
A2D Juniors
Addicted to dance

2. How many members and list the names.
7 members – 6 yrs to 12 yrs old
Sophie, Emma, Tim, Tyron, Addy, Imran, Chloe
(for the safety of the individual, only the first names are given) 

3. Describe your dance style.
Hard hitting with attitude. Performance is important.

4. What does your group want to achieve?
To make Battlegrounds this year.

5. In five words or less, describe your group.
Love to dance & give it our all


More pictures can be found on my Facebook page (RAW album) – Tanana Style
And on my hubby’s FB page – SB3 Photography

I hope you enjoy meeting all these gorgeous and talented people. Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

Thank you for your support and enjoy a great morning, afternoon or night (wherever you are in the world) 🙂



Let me know what you think :)

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