Raw Sounds 2012 introduces …

Now that I’ve finished with the winners of the Raw on the Dancefloor competition, it is now time to move on to the winners of Raw Sounds 2012 (Heat One).

Raw Sounds 2012 is not a dance competition, it is a singing competition. The contestants will blow your mind away with their beautiful voices just like these Heat One winners did.
Raw Sounds gives not only the youth of today but everyone with a voice a chance to mesmerise the judges and the audience alike with their vocal talent. They are the un-song talents that we wouldn’t ever hear if it were not for competitions like Raw Sounds.

And third place for Heat One goes to … MICHAEL TANGAS!

And just like the Raw on the Dancefloor introductions, I asked the same five questions to everyone – dancers and singers alike.

So here’s Michael’s answers:

1. What is your name? If anything other than real name, why this name?
Michael Tangas

2. When did you start singing?
At age 10 doing tap & jazz

3. Describe your singing style.
I sing RnB with an edge. I dance hip-hop and funk.

4. What do you want to achieve with your singing?
I would love to get into more original recordings and work my way up to performing in large stage shows.

5. In five words or less, describe yourself.
Artistic, energetic, creative, friendly and positive.

I love Michael’s outfit! It is reminiscent of Michael Jackson 🙂

More pictures can be found on my Facebook page (RAW 2012 album) – Tanana Style
And on my hubby’s FB page – SB3 Photography

I hope you enjoy meeting all these gorgeous and talented people. Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

Thank you for your support and enjoy a great morning, afternoon or night (wherever you are in the world) 🙂


(Photos courtesy of SB3 Photography, edited by me)


Let me know what you think :)

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