Meet the …

Now that I’ve covered off the Open Division winners of the Raw on the Dancefloor competition, it is time to introduce the Under 18’s division winners

And last but not least … PREVOUK!
It is only appropriate that I introduce the winners of the dance category first.

And here is the question and answer portion:

1. What is your crew/group name? Why this name? When was it formed?
Prevouk Dance Crew – formed 4 months ago
To take their dance to another level 

2. How many members and list the names.
7 members
Nikora, Tehiva, Trayvond, Temanawanui, Kaya, Jarraue, Jay-Lee
(* for the safety of the individual, only first names are given)

3. Describe your dance/singing style.
Raw, rugged, krumping, dub-step, swag, slow dance, lyrical, iso

4. What does your group want to achieve?
To bring a positive message to the next generation – that dancing is something that we enjoy.

5. In five words or less, describe your group.
Brothers, family, humble, love, togetherness.

Now that you know a little bit more about the crew, here’s some eye candy to look at –

But wait, there’s more! Eye candy photos can be found in my FB album – Raw Sounds
And if that isn’t enough, visit hubby’s Facebook page for more photos – SB3 Photography

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Thank you for your support and enjoy a great morning, afternoon or night (wherever you are in the world) 🙂

(Photos courtesy of: SB3 Photography and his website here)

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