Raw on the Dancefloor 2012 (Final)

Sunday the 6th of May marks the start of the 2012 Raw competition brought to you by none other than Liz Honey Promotions & Entertainment.

The hubby and I were lucky to have been a part of this event. Hubby was event photographer and I was journalist/amateur photographer/interviewer/hubby’s assistant. (Yes ladies we are multi-taskers!!!)
Anyway back to the subject at hand…

Raw Sounds (Heat 1) and Raw on the Dancefloor 2012
There were twenty-two participants and two categories involved – 16 dance crews in the Raw on the Dancefloor category with two divisions (under 18’s and open) and 6 singers in the Raw Sounds category.
Whilst all the performances are winners in their own right, unfortunately the outcome will always consist of only three victors, (four if you count best choreography (dance) and crowd’s favourite (singing)) – first, second and third.
I would have hated to be one of the judges (wishful thinking anyway as I can neither dance nor sing!) as it is their very hard task to pick those three (four) winners. I could only imagine what they go through making that decision – it’s hard enough for me to decide what to wear on the weekends (when I have the luxury of time to think about it) – let alone have to decide the winners for these competitions.

Raw on the Dancefloor
The dance routines were all so individual and the styles so different from each other! But after the last performance ended, it was velvet curtains down and bums up for the judges. Then as what I can only imagine as one of the longest waiting periods of the participant’s life, the time finally came to make the judgement call…and without further ado…the winners are:

Under 18’s Division
Third Place – PrevoukPrevouk

Second Place – A2D Varsity
A2D Varsity

First Place – Urban Force
Urban Force

Open Division
Third Place – Mute Crew
Mute Crew

Second Place – Produktion

First Place – Panty Droppas
Panty Droppas

These six winners deserved the prize as each crew certainly “worked their butts off” to give us a great show.

I wish I could certainly dance at least at half the caliber of these individuals but unfortunately my running man style looks like it’s jogging.

As for the Raw Sounds category, winners will be posted tomorrow night.

For this post, let’s just concentrate on dance! So … do you think you can dance? Let me know in the comment below.

Thanks for your support and have a great day 🙂


(Photos courtesy of: SB3 Photography and his website here)


2 thoughts on “Raw on the Dancefloor 2012 (Final)

  1. Thank you so much for posting the photos who competed under RAW on the Dancefloor. It was an amazing night for all the performers and thank you to all the judges. They did a great job, giving performers advised before and after the competition. Thanks to Yung Philly – i don’t know how he does it! GREAT MC!
    Just to clarify – HEAT1 is for RAW Sound only.


    Plus MC competition –

    FINAL RAW Sound 2012 – OCT –Details TBA. This is now with the backup dancers.
    If you know any singers who would like to participate and take this opportunity to shine pls ask them to drop me an email liz@lizhoney.com or fb (Liz Honey)….thank you.
    Thanks everyone for supporting RAW Event.
    Liz Honey

  2. Thanks dai! Must of been a fun day! Once again my nephew Khenji & his group have done a fantastic performance! Wonderful result!

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