Movie Review: BATTLESHIP

So yesterday the hubby and I decided to go on an impromptu movie date.

There were two to choose from … The Avengers and Battleship. It was a hard choice as they are both action films and I normally do not read reviews beforehand (that way I don’t have any expectations) so in the end we chose based on which one came out first 🙂 BATTLESHIP.


For an action-packed junkie, this movie is full of it! They got things blowing up every few minutes. They’ve also managed to incorporate the extra-terrestials ala Transformers into the depiction of an old Hasbro board game and the storyline is predictable – aliens invade, earthlings fight to save Earth whilst both sides trying to blow each other to pieces. Amidst all that, there is a love story, a hero willing to sacrifice for the people & then a saviour. So all in all, it was a typical action movie.
To watch movies like this, I don’t think – I just watch all the action that goes on in the movie. And because I’m a scaredy-cat, for me there were some nail biting scenes even though I totally knew what the outcome is/was.
Oh and in addition to the action, I can confirm that Rihanna can act … in action films. To me she portrayed the emotions, facial expressions and the urgency in her movements that a person in her situation would feel. I would say she did a pretty good job on her first venture into acting though I still think her music career should be her first priority.
Battleship Rihanna

So my review will be based not on the storyline but on how action-packed it was & the use of special effects which makes this movie into a 7.5/10. What can I say, I’m an action junkie 🙂

BUT because I do not read reviews, the surprise to me was this…
Battleship Alexander Skarsgard

I did not know that he was in the movie! Do you guys recognise him? If so, can you tell me where he’s from. No not his origins i.e. country but what TV series is he from. And for the girls out there … what do you think of him?

Thanks for your support and have a great day 🙂


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