Playing in a suit (Playsuit)

What prompted me to write this post is due to the experience I had on the weekend. As you all know, I was at the Supanova 2012 event last Sunday where I got very excited seeing all the costumes around me and remembering all my savoured hours watching endless episodes of animes (see post here and here).
Since the weather on Sunday was a warm and sunny 27c day, I thought I’d wear something casual & fun with a slightly thick material as you never know what Melbourne weather will throw at you next.
So my clothing of choice was a black lightweight denim short-sleeved shorts playsuit (or romper or jumpsuit … whatever you want to call it) because (1) I love playsuits and (2) I thought it was appropriate since I wanted to have fun and “play”. Wore exact same playsuit as pic below (minus tights & not worn by moi in this pic).
M-One-11 Playsuit

Anyway, I didn’t think much about my outfit as I wanted to concentrate on getting photos and enjoy the full event. So we got there, parked, bought the tickets then bang! I needed to go to the toilet. So off I went to find a toilet,  found it, got in to a cubicle and stopped. For the first time that day I remembered why I stopped wearing playsuits.
I realised that I had to not only unbutton the whole playsuit but that I needed to be two-thirds naked (bra only) to pee! Luckily the day was warm so I didn’t freeze my n****** off but it would have been a whole different story if the temperature hadn’t been 27c. I would have been grumbling & muttering to myself whilst taking off whatever I had on over the playsuit only to have my n****** frozen whilst I pee. Other toilet goers would have been looking at my cubicle weirdly thinking a crazy person has escaped from the mental institution.

Here’s a few examples of the culprit.
3.1 Phillip Lim Woven SilkALICE by Temperley Printed CottonFinders Keepers The Electric Kiss

Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t hate them (in fact I said I loved them earlier in the post) but I just hate that one part of the whole playsuit/romper/jumpsuit experience. I wish there was a solution to this issue but right now I cannot think of any other than having a zipper through the middle and not to wear them at all are my only solutions.

Can you think of any way that the issue could be resolved? Let me know in the comment below. Would love to hear your suggestions.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day 🙂



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