21 Jump Street (2012)

So after a long and busy day at work, hubby and I decided to wind down the day with a movie date.
We had a quick bite at Nando’s just before the movie started – chicken wraps cos we were trying to go healthy.
Dinner Time!
Oh yeah!

Then followed by free dessert, YES! FREE ICE CREAM! … Ben and Jerry’s ice cream! Brought to you by Nova 100.3 I think.
My dessert

Hubby's dessert Hubby’s dessert

Now for the movie! We watched 21 Jump Street (as you may have guessed from the post title). I got to tell you, I don’t know why I waited so long to watch this movie. It was hilarious! And of course, Channing Tatum is hot hot hot!
They made it out to be a “continuation” of the old 21 Jump Street tv servies circa 1987-1991. The story is basically about camaraderie and busting a high school drug ring. It was action-packed comedy. The two guys – Jonah and Channing – basically nailed it with their performance. Without giving too much away, all throughout the movie I was practically laughing 85% of the time!
Both actors did their characters very well. Jonah Hill is basically known for comedy (which he did great in this one) and Channing Tatum, well I like him in all his movies. He does great at making the girls cry (sad love story – i.e. Dear John & The Vow) and laugh, like in this one!
Oh and there’s also some cameos in there too from the original tv series. Not gonna tell you who! You’re just going to have to watch it yourself.
End credits for 21 Jump St! I luv Channing!

So, all in all, even though it was non stop drama at work, my Tuesday night didn’t turn out so bad after all. I love the movie and will rate it 9/10. I would definitely watch it again and again.

Now it’s your turn:
1) have you seen 21 Jump Street? what were your feelings about it?
2) what movie/s do you watch over and over again and why?

Thank you for your time and keep smiling 🙂



Let me know what you think :)

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