Fun Fact #2

Marilyn Monroe had six toes!

Marilyn Monroe

Who would have ever thought that such a beauty icon would be born with six toes! It just goes to show that … NOBODY IS PERFECT. We are only human after all.
Anyone out there with “something out of the ordinary” that they want to share? Please comment down below.

As a side note … I apologise for not being able to post for the past week.
I have been unwell with an unknown (as of now) cause.
Symptoms are: twisting hungry stomach pains (like haven’t eaten for days), hungrier after eating than before, flatulence, pain comes & goes. All the while, the centre of my stomach is cold.
Doctor has ruled out kidney stones, gall stones (ultrasound proved not caused by).
Has anyone experienced, or is currently experiencing something similar. Please feel free to comment below. Would love to know what you’re findings are/were and how it was resolved.

Thank you for your support and have a great day 🙂


Fun Fact #1

Scientists have found chocolate has a chemical that helps counteract depression…

so ladies and gents, you officially now have an excuse for eating chocolate on a daily basis.

What type of chocolate do you like? Milk, white or dark?
Any particular brand?

Choc Eggs

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day 🙂