Koko Black

Shane Hills, founder of Koko Black, did me a favour when he opened the first store in December 2003. Although I have had Koko Black chocolate here and there since they opened, it wasn’t until February 2012 that they got me hook, line & sinker.
Not many of you know this but I have been in the search for the almost 100% perfect chilli chocolate. I have tried several versions – chilli piece @ Theobroma Chocolate Lounge, chilli block @ Lindt, aztec @ Cacao just to name a few – but it wasn’t until I tried Koko Black‘s tikal chilli chocolate that I finally stopped searching. Whilst there’s always room for improvement or a better discovery, this would have to be #1 on my list.
Koko Black’s tikal chilli dark chocolate has got a perfect mixture of dark chocolate and chilli. Each bite you take will give you the chilli flavor without overdoing it or under-doing it. Each bite melts in your mouth just like high quality chocolate should. I love to pair it with a serve of Koko Black latte too. Their latte is the perfect compliment to the chilli chocolate as it is neither weak nor too strong.
Easter's just around the corner
Easter’s just around the corner at Koko Black

Our weekly choc & caffeine fix
My weekly latte and chilli chocolate fix

My emergency stash during the week
Although this is not a chilli chocolate bar, it curbs my weekly chocolate craving just enough until my next chilli chocolate fix.

Currently, the top 4 is as follows:
1) Koko Black
2) Theobroma
3) Lindt
4) Cacao

Ok enough about my chilli chocolate addiction.
Now it’s your turn. What type of chocolate is your weakness? Milk, White, Dark or flavored?
Let me know in the comment below.
Or if you know of any other chocolate stores that sell chilli chocolate that you recommend, please comment below with the store name & address. I promise to try theirs out (current location: Melbourne Australia).

Thank you for letting me share this great experience with you.
Have a great day ❤

***Disclaimer: Koko Black, Theobroma, Lindt or Cacao have not sponsored me in any way for this post. This is my own personal experience.


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