Age ain’t nothin but a number …

…especially when it comes to love and fashion.

A few days ago I read a post by gracefully50 titled “Am I Wrong?”. The title alone got me curious but once I started reading the post, it gave me mixed feelings. Basically, her hubby thought that her fashion sense is questionable at times which led her to doubt herself even for just a split second.
In my own humble opinion, I think there are two things that I can absolutely apply the “age ain’t nothin but a number” quote to. That is love and fashion.

As long as common sense and sensibility are applied wisely, anyone and everyone is free to fall in love with whomever and whoever they want. A gap in the age group doesn’t matter once you hit 18 years of age. Of course I draw the line if anyone is under the age of 18 but other than that, who are we to dictate or gossip about someone simply because they fell in love with someone that is 5, 10, 15, 20 years older (and younger until the limit of 18).
A person should not deny or be denied the feeling of love. It is by far one of the greatest feelings that I have felt in my life. It is the one feeling that brings the bright side to everything. Even when everything else around you is crumbling down, if you feel love in your heart, you will always find a way to survive it all.
Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart
Harrison Ford and Callista Flockhart (photosource:

Rupert Murdoch & Wife
Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng (photosource:

And same goes for fashion.
There’s a difference between fashionably trendy and fashionably stylish. A fashionably stylish 50 year old doesn’t mean that she has to be trendy. Trends come and go. Style, especially personal style, is here to stay.
As long as the person is comfortable with what he/she is wearing and it is of a sensible ensemble, then I cannot object. After all, there is a saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.
Helen Mirren with David Beckham
Helen Mirren with probably the best accessory a woman over 60 can have, David Beckham (photosource:

Liz Hurley
Liz Hurley arriving in Australia (photosource:

People have different tastes and opinions and they are entitled to voice those opinions and show off their taste in their own different way. Be it verbally or via clothes, blog etc people will always find a way to express themselves.

Now that I’ve voiced mine, please do not hesitate to share yours by commenting down below.
What do you think of the two topics at hand – love and fashion. Do you think that there should be any harsh limitations applied to them?

Thank you for the time to reading this post. I hope to read your opinions down below.


5 thoughts on “Age ain’t nothin but a number …

  1. I agree. It is my problem if I don´t like what other people are wearing. If they like it-they should wear it & it is none of my business. That is why I only blog about what I like-no negative energy. And when it comes to love I agree with you. As long as the person is not a minor.

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