Another new beginning…

OK so when I started this blog I thought I knew what I was going to write about but upon reading online advice on blog writing, somewhere along the line I started to get confused. The advice that most of the writings gave me was to start writing about a particular subject – find a special “niche” they say. So I started thinking about a particular subject … and thinking … and thinking … until I got to thinking to much that I needed to give it a rest.

Hence the no entries for the last week or so. But now I’m back. I’ve let my brain rest enough. And I’ve decided on what I’m going to write about.

Since I like to do so many things, I will write about them all and bunch them up into five categories – fashion, food, people, places and mindless ramblings. If you want to know more about my likes and wants, please visit my About Me page.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some images that I’ve personally taken with my phone. It’s an example of each of the five categories that I will be writing about.

Please comment down below and tell what you like to do with your time.

LV Speedy 30 Chanel wallets Vince Camuto boots

Korean bbq Lindt Macaroons

Bourke St Melbourne Connie Lu

The Venetian - Macau Sydney Harbour Bridge

Doggy out the window Very Vintage book The Art of Organizing Anything book


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