February 29, 2012 … craziness!

Shopping first, dinner later

Late dinner @ Ikea

Today is an important date … February 29! which comes only every four years so everyone has gone mad! Almost all the stores had some sort of sale going on. Most of them offering … yup you guessed it … 29% off!

Although I missed out on the big crowds that I’m sure were around the malls today due to having a 9-5 job (yes not all of us are lucky enough to own our time), I still witnessed a crowd at Ikea & Harvey Norman. Whilst Ikea was offering 29% off 229 items in store, Harvey Norman went totally crazy! They were offering up to 70% (on mattress ensembles) whilst offering 29% off most of the other items in store. I was tempted to buy a new mattress ensemble, oh wait, I did! 🙂 What can I say, the ensemble was from $3099 down to only $930! Plus I put it on 8 week lay-by (lay-away to some) so that it wasn’t so hard on the pocket! I get to pay it off slowly! I was pretty happy with that purchase. I needed a new bed (sort of, well, I think I do).

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you some of the craziness I witnessed today and all because we got one extra day this year. Which if you think about it, is an extra day that you don’t really get paid any extra money for. Unless you are a contractor or in a casual/temp position. But if you’re like me who has a 9-5 & even worse, get paid monthly, we just gave away an extra day’s work without extra payment. Oh well life goes on.

And having said that, I can’t believe it’s already March 1 tomorrow! The first day of autumn (fall for some) here down under. I can’t wait to see autumn colours all around me – different shades of brown, red, orange, green and other nature inspired colours. I love the autumn palette, it makes me want to be one with nature (just like I love the spring palette). I love both Spring and Autumn (Fall) are they offer the most colourful seasons of the year.

Ok time for sleep now. I’ll leave you with some pics of last minute shoppers and eaters.

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